Sunday 15 January 2012

New 28mm Egyptian Infantry Battalion Wargame Miniatures

Napoleon III, worried about the losses of European soldiers to Yellow Fever and disease in the heat and humidity of the Mexican Coastal regions, was given a supposedly immune battalion of infantry by the Said Pasha of Egypt. Captained by Egyptian and Turkish officers the rank and file were Sudanese “Fuzzy-Wuzzy” slave soliders.

The 447 officers and men arrived at Vera Cruz on 24 February 1863. The French military authorities shaped the battalion into 4 companies each with its own Captain, lieutenant, sub lieutenant and Sergeant Major supported by a Fourrier (similar to a Quartermaster/Company Clerk) four sergeants, 8 corporals, and two musicians.
Corporal and Bugler

The Batallion continued to wear their Egyptian regulation uniform, complete with the black tasseled red tarbush cap only replacing the oriental leggings and slippers with more serviceable French military gaiters and boots. The rank and file carried a French model 1859 musket, manufactured in Egypt, and a vicious saw edged saber bayonet while the officers were equipped with a scimitar and colt revolver.
Egyptian Line Infantry

Taking part in no less than 14 major actions and many more smaller engagements the battalion would earn 72 military decorations and would be praised in French Military dispatches for their courage under fire. Their record only blighted by charges of brutality by foreign observers.

The surviving members of the battalion returned home after four and a half years of military service to a heroes welcome being ceremoniously reviewed in both Paris and Alexandria.

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  1. Lovely figures (I am already painting up the major for my Sudan campagn forces!). I wonder, what sort of tunic are they wearing? Could you suggest a source for a colour image by any chance?