Tuesday 17 April 2012

New 28mm Miniature; Julio Cardenas; Pancho Villa's El Dorado

Gringo 40’s latest 28mm miniature for the all new Panco Villa range of wargame miniatures is of Julio Cardenas.

Julio Cardenas the was the head of Pancho Villa’s personal bodyguard Los Dorados ("The Golden Ones") and Villa’s second-in-command . Despite only holding the rank of Captain in the Villista (Villa’s Army) he was called "General" by his men.

As a result of Villa’s raid on Columbus on 9 March 1916 the U.S. initiated a punitive expedition led by John “Black Jack" Pershing against Villa and his men. Scouring the Mexiacan countryside they were unable to find Villa. However Cardenas was not so fortunate.

While leading a foraging expedition (really an excuse to search haciendas of known Villa leaders and sympathizers) Lt. George S. Patton (who would go on to become General Patton and commander of the U.S. Third Army in Europe during WWII) found Cardenas holed up in San Miguelito Ranchero. Patton had pulled up along with 10 U.S. Troopers in three vehicles forcing Cardenas and two of his men to flee on horseback.

A gunfight ensued during which Patton is said to have gunned down all three men with his famous six gun. Carving a notch in the handle of his pistol Patton then strapped the body of Cardenas and the two other "Villistas" to the bonnet (hood) of his car before driving back to U.S. Headquarters.

Gringos new 28mm of Cardenas will be available at Salute 2012 and from our secure online store at www.gringo40s.com
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