Monday 8 February 2016

New 28mm Wargame Figures from Gringo 40's for 2016

The start of 2016 sees more than 20 new additions to our Italian Wars of Independence range.
Including a 4 lb canon and a beautifully detailed Sicilian cart with driver and a rather obstinate mule.

The Garibaldini get a new drummer to beat them into battle as well as infantry in kepi and mantle in various poses.

With the new Piccoitti there has been some serious alchemy taking place at the Gringo’s melting pot. As it is clear that not only has quality white metal been used in the Piccoitti minis but there seems to have been a liberal dash of Jack Vettriano and Good Fella’s flair gone into the brew as well. Which has created these very evocative and atmospheric 28mm figures. These Uomo d'Onore are definitely Made Men that you would not want to cross.

To check out these along with the rest of our exciting wargame miniatures click HERE.