Thursday 23 February 2012

New Mexican 40mm Cavalry Miniatures from Gringo 40's

The most stunningly attired and numerous part of the Mexican Army were the cavalry. Consummate riders they were justly admired for their grace and skill as well as being respected as brave, ferocious and tenacious opponents.
Jalisco Lancer

The premier regiments of the army being the Jalisco Lancers, Hussars of the Supreme Powers, Tulincingo Cuirassiers and the 7th Line Lancers, along with the Mounted Rifles, and not forgetting the hard-bitten veterans of the Presdidial Lancers

Tulincingo Cuirassier

The regular regiments were supported by crack irregular units such as the California Lancers and the Southern Volunteer Cavalry.

 All these units are represented in Gringo40s exclusive new range of 40mm wargame figures and miniatures

Hussar of the Supreme Powes
 A fitting tribute to these noble cavaliers, the miniatures come with a choice to create trumpeters, officers and the choice to be armed with Escopata/ Baker carbine/ sword/
Lance or bugle.

Figures are sold individually with an allocated horse, should you wish to substitute
the standard mount please advise us at point of order to add even more variety to your army.

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