Friday 25 July 2014

28mm Engineers of the Guard

The latest release from Gringo 40's allows gamers and collectors to add the Engineers of the Guard to their armies and collections of 28 mm Napoleonic miniature figures.

 Beautifully detailed, as you would expect, these miniatures will look excellent on the shelf or the gaming table.

 "Although not deployed in combat as a unit, the Engineers (Genie de la Garde ImpĂ©riale) created in 1804 as the engineers of the Consular Guard, participated in combat more so than the combat units of the Guard which were usually held in reserve. By 1810 the Chief Engineer officer of the Guard had a company of Sapeurs de la Garde (140 sappers), all members of the Old Guard. In 1813 this was increased to two companies, and later one battalion of four companies totaling 400 sappers. The 1st and 2nd companies were classed as Old Guard, while the 3rd and 4th companies as the Young Guard." (reference Wikipedia)

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