Sunday 16 June 2013

28mm Mayan Warrior Miniatures from Gringo 40's New Mesoamerican Range of Wargame Figures

The all new 28mm Mayans are now available from the Gringo 40’s web store.

Mayan Warriors painted by Kevin Dalimore

These spectacular warriors are suitable for all Mayans from the pre-classic period of around 1000 BC right up to the Spanish Conquest.

Mayan Chief painted by Andy Taylor

The range includes warriors in simple dress to elaborately dressed Priests and Chiefs in magnificent war headdresses designed to both inspire and terrorise at the same time.

Mayan Warrior Priest painted by Angel

 Mesoamerican warfare was a bloody and cruel affair steeped in ritual as the Mayans considered it to have been sanctioned by the Gods themselves. To die in battle was to secure an eternity of bliss but to allow oneself to be captured was a most terrible fate.

Mayan Warriors painted by Andy Taylor

Those unfortunate enough to be taken prisoner by the Mayans were ritualistically slaughtered, usually by decapitation.

Mayan Warriors by Kevin Dalimore

 The Mayan Warriors themselves would take part in blood letting rituals. Slitting own tongues and genitals and dripping the blood onto paper before burning it as an offering to their Gods.

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