Thursday 31 March 2016

Of 28mm Robots, Generals and Salute 2016

This month sees additions to our huge 28mm Garibaldi range and the beginnings of an exciting new Sci-Fi range of Robots and Androids again in 28mm.

The Garibaldi range sees Neapolitan Generals, both on foot and horseback, along with their aide de camps added. A lovely vignette centerpiece for your army can be created by using all of the new miniatures.

The first part of  the all new Robot and Android range includes a Fem-Bot, War-Bot with Heavy Laser Rifle and a rather vicious looking K-9 unit.

We will of course be attending Salute 2016 at London Excel on April 16th where you can come a meet the team for a chat and check out our latest miniatures in person.

For more information on all our miniatures click HERE.