Sunday 17 July 2011

Stand Fast, Mississippians: Gringo 40’s Newest Wargame Miniatures

When the call for volunteers was made, by Polks government to fight for the United States against the Mexicans, in 1846 the men of Mississippi volunteered in their thousands. By June 1st it is estimated that 17,000 men and boys were in Vicksburg wanting to enlist. Such was the patriotic fervor that gripped Mississippi that competitions had to be held in counties all over the State to reduce the number of volunteers to the requested State quota of 1000 men.

The result of which was the 1st Mississippi Regiment composed ten companies of 100 men.

Company A - Yazoo Guards
Company B - Wilkinson Guards
Company C - Vicksburg Southrons
Company D - Carroll County Guards
Company E - Jackson Fencibles
Company F - Lafayette Guards
Company G - Raymond Fencibles
Company H - Vicksburg Volunteers
Company I - Holly Springs Guards
Company K - Tombigbee Guards

Before leaving for New Orleans, from whence they would be shipped to Texas and onto war the First Mississippians elected ex West Point Cadet and future President of the Confederate States of America, Congressman Jefferson Davis as their Commanding Officer.

It would be Davis’s insistence, and his rather splendid political connections, that the 1st Mississippi would be issued with the latest style of rifled musket, and the very weapon that the First would become synonymous with becoming known as “The Mississippi Rifles”.

Fighting under Taylor at Buena Vista they would be credited with turning the battle. When in their distinctive red hunting shirts and white duck trousers they moved up to the line, formed ranks, fired and drew their Bowie Knives before closing on the Mexicans.

Gringo 40’s newest release now allows all wargamers and collectors of fine military miniatures to add this illustrious regiment to their collection.

“Steady, boys, steady for the glory of Ole Mississippi!”

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