Sunday 15 May 2011

New 40mm Model Figures, Flags and Dispatches From Gringo 40's

Here at Gringo 40’s we have been regrouping, following the tremendous success of Salute 2011, for our next onslaught on this years wargame conventions and shows at Broadside 2011.

As ever el Jefe has not allowed us to much R+R and this week sees the release of a superbly animated figure of a Mexican Light Infantryman running Hell bent for leather. Whither he is running to or from the enemy will be down to the modeler but what is for sure there will be no holding this soldier back.

This month also sees the release of a specially commissioned range of flags, from Richard Lowles at Battle Flag, that are scaled specifically for Gringo 40’s model soldiers. Beautifully designed and rendered, in stunning archival quality papers and inks, these flags will enhance any collection of Gringo 40’s miniatures. The National and Regimental flags and colors of the Mexican, U.S. Regular and Volunteer Infantry are ready now with Cavalry and Artillery to follow shortly.

The first of Gringo 40’s free downloadable historical notes are now ready and can be found at the Dispatches section of the Gringo 40’s online shop. These heavily illustrated documents give detail of the men, uniforms and equipment of both the Mexican and U.S forces. Featuring the succinctly eloquent penmanship of Snr. Ron Vaughn and the incredible line drawings of Snr. Phil Beveridge these are a great introduction to the period.