Tuesday 30 August 2011

40mm Wargaming: Gringo 40's New York Legion.

During the early mid 1800's the people of the United States were becoming rather excited about the trouble brewing, no tea this time, with the British Government over the border with Canada. Expansionists in the US, specifically the Democrats, claimed under Manifest Destiny that the U.S border with Canada should be 54 degrees and 40 minutes and the cry of “54 40’ or Fight”went up.

Such was the political fervor created; not forgetting the excitement of yet another opportunity to bloody again the nose of the dastardly British; that the Democrat James Knox Polk was elected President and young men formed militias in preparation for war. The 1st New York Legion was just such a group of volunteers.

The Oregon Boundary dispute did not lead to war with the British, Polk agreeing to compromise U.S. expansionist ambition to the 49th Parallel rather than the 54th. But Polk and the U.S. government would employ the Manifest Destiny principle of the expansionists would be used by the Democrats to justify war with Mexico.

Initially designated the 7th Regiment of New York Volunteers the regiment was equipped to fight as a combined force of Infantry, Cavalry and Artillery. When the Regiment went to California to defend the State against the Mexicans it was for a short time called the California volunteers until official re-designation as the 1st New York in 1846.

The Regiment would see action the battles of La Paz and the final skirmish of Todos Santos before being the last U.S. Regiment to leave Mexican Soil.

The Regiment was mostly disbanded in 1848 after the cessation of hostilities with Mexico.

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