Monday 17 June 2019

28mm US Marine Corps Vietnam Miniatures: Part II

Part II of the all new range of 28mm Vietnam 1968 Wargame range have arrived. Ten new sculpts adding yet more drama and excitement in the form of US Marine Radio Operators, Weapons Teams, M60 Gunners and M79 Bloopers.

With their accurate details and terrific sense of movement it's easy to see that these minis have been carefully researched and based on actual photographs of the combatants.

Captain Christmas on his Field Comm's Set standing next to his R.T.O. conveying the details of the situation is of particular note.

The M20 "Super Bazooka" Team is another excellent addition to the Marine armory. A relic of WWII and Korea its projectile a much more effective weapon than that of the newer and smaller LAW.

The other figures in the second release are simply outstanding. From the stalwart M60 Gunner surveying the battlefield to the M79 "Blooper" Gunner, charging for effective cover from which to unleash his 40mm Grenades, these miniatures will look stunning on the gaming table or in the display cabinet.

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Monday 10 June 2019

New 28 mm Vietnam War U.S. Marines. from Gringo 40's

The all new 28mm Vietnam War miniatures from Gringo 40's begins with our Part 1 release .
 US Marine Sniper Team

Colonel Ernest Clifford Cheatham Jr.
28mm US Marine Miniature from Gringo 40's

 The first releases are specifically designed around the Battle of Hue and represent the US Marines heroic stand in the City. The design remit from El Hefe was simple, "I want these to be the best 28mm Vietnam War figures available anywhere".

African American US Marine LAW Gunner
28mm Miniature US Marine LAW Gunner  

With that in mind our designer spent hours pouring over photographs of the men and materiel before bending a wire or mixing a bead of putty.

US Marine Advancing cautiously 
Having emptied his M16 this US Marine is reaches for another magazine

These figures are designed to make each game a piece of interactive miniature theatre. You can check these 28mm US Marine Corps figures and our other wargame ranges by clicking HERE

African American US Marine advancing boldly towards the enemy

A US Marine unloads his M16 at the enemy

Thursday 4 April 2019

New 28mm Vietnam Marines the Battle of Huế 1968

…The L.T. barks his orders as the LAW team rush to clear open ground, to support the Marine squad who are taking cover behind a broken wall, having come under heavy enemy fire. The stress and fear written across the face of the LAW team number two, running at the crouch gripping his helmet to his head, is clear for all to see as they sprint towards the safety afforded by the blasted masonry of the wall…. These minis don’t just look good from a gaming perspective... they tell a story.

Kitted out in historically correct uniforms and equipment these minis are our most exciting range to date. Based on actual photographs of the Battle of Hue they will bring an unparalleled level of realism and intensity to the gaming table and 28mm Vietnam modelers vignettes.

Heavy Support is on its way for our mini heroes in the shape of an M48 Patton tank, Rifle Multiple 106mm Self Propelled Ontos Gun Platform, Ford Mutt and Marine Mule M274 with 105mm Recoiless Rifle.

Available 2nd Quarter 2019 these are the Vietnam War miniatures worth waiting for.

Wednesday 23 January 2019

New Range Coming Soon! Vietnam 1968: The Battle of Huế

We can contain our excitement no longer as 2019 will see Gringo40's first venture into the modern era with our 28mm Vietnam 1968 "The Battle of Huế" range. SEMPER FI!

The models are already in production and will be released the 2nd quarter of 2019. Employing both traditional sculpting, by some of the industry's best miniature sculptors, and the latest 3D design technology we will be bringing gamers some of the very finest period correct figurines and armour.

The first in our new and exclusive 1968: Battle of Huế range will be the US Marines complete with some highly detailed support weapons and armour.

El Hefe thought that you would like to see some pics of the very first model: The Marine Mule with 105 mm Recoiless Rifle.

Designed as a lightweight cross-country mover and driver in the 1950's to replace the famous Willys Jeep and the Dodge 3/4 ton truck the MULE became synonymous with the US Marine Corps especially when used as a weapon platform for the 105 mm Recoiless Rifle. 

While the 105 mm Recoiless Rifle was designed for an anti tank role there proved to be few if any suitable targets for the weapon's anti tank rounds M334 HEAT (High Explosive Anti Tank) and the M346 HEP-T (High Explosive Plastic - Tracer). However for the conflict in Vietnam an anti personnel round (APERS known as the Beehive) was developed. This round contained 6000 steel flechettes to take out mass infantry and basically turned the 105 mm into the worlds largest shotgun! 

Monday 7 January 2019

Spahi Cavalry Spotted. 1885 Tonkin 28mm Range.

El Hefe hopes that you all had a wonderful Christmas and a most splendid New Years.

He has asked that I whet your appetites with pictures of the "Greens" of the very first releases due in 2019 currently being cast in our high quality white metal. 

The French from our Tonkin 1885 range are about to receive Cavalry support in their campaign against the dastardly Black Flag Army in the shape of some very well detailed and animated Spahi's (French Auxiliary Light Cavalry). 

Useable as Algerian or Senegal troops these cavalrymen are synonymous with French Colonial warfare. They can be used not only for the Tonkin (Sino French War) period but also for those of you gaming the French Conquest of Algeria, The Franco Prussian War, or in games recreating the occupation of Syria and Morocco.