Sunday 2 November 2014

New: 28mm Napoleonic Mamelukes from Gringo's

The Emperor Napoleon brought the Mamelukes back from Egypt following the campaign of the Orient (1798-1801) and made them a part of his Imperial Guard. Mamelukes fought alongside the Guard Chasseurs à Cheval, riding the same horses and receiving shabraques of a comparable design.

They never numbered more than 250 and by 1805 it was estimated that their complement was about half that number. With their ranks depleted the Mamelukes drew replacements from Frenchmen who were eager to serve in this exotically dressed unit.

 At the Battle of Austerlitz, it was the Mamelukes counter-attack that defeated the Russian cavalry.

 A Mameluke by the name of Roustam Raza served as the Emperor’s personal servant and bodyguard until 1814, having been presented to Napoleon in 1798 by the Sheikh of Cairo. Raza was assisted by the Frenchman Louis Etienne Saint Denis whom Napoleon made a Mameluke. The Emperor dressed Saint-Denis as such and called him Ali. While Roustam Raza refused to go Elba Saint-Denis followed the Emperor into exile on the island where he served as Napoleons second valet and librarian.

These exotic cavalrymen became so symbolic of Napoleon and the Empire that following Boneparte’s final fall many Mamelukes were murdered by French Royalists seeking revenge on those who had supported the Corsican usurper during his reign.

Miniature Figures painted by Andy Taylor.

Friday 25 July 2014

28mm Engineers of the Guard

The latest release from Gringo 40's allows gamers and collectors to add the Engineers of the Guard to their armies and collections of 28 mm Napoleonic miniature figures.

 Beautifully detailed, as you would expect, these miniatures will look excellent on the shelf or the gaming table.

 "Although not deployed in combat as a unit, the Engineers (Genie de la Garde Imp√©riale) created in 1804 as the engineers of the Consular Guard, participated in combat more so than the combat units of the Guard which were usually held in reserve. By 1810 the Chief Engineer officer of the Guard had a company of Sapeurs de la Garde (140 sappers), all members of the Old Guard. In 1813 this was increased to two companies, and later one battalion of four companies totaling 400 sappers. The 1st and 2nd companies were classed as Old Guard, while the 3rd and 4th companies as the Young Guard." (reference Wikipedia)

 You can purchase these and many more of our miniatures from our secure online store HERE.

Tuesday 18 March 2014

Something(s) Special This Way Comes…

They say that appearances can be deceptive. While the blog has been quite of late…some would say too quite…there has been much work on what really matters: Wargame Miniatures.

 With Salute nearly upon us we thought we should let you know that we will be releasing more than sixty miniatures, you read that right 60+, brand new sculpts.

The first will be additions to our 28mm  Meso-American range. Check out our cracking (or should I say quacking) Duck Warrior one of the new animist warriors who will be joined by other suitably adorned animal type warriors to take on those dastardly conquistadors or for a bit of inter-tribal bashing and slave/sacrifice taking.

 We also have some stunning 28mm Napoleonic’s which at this moment in time must remain under wraps. But take it from us all you Napoleonic buffs are going to like these.

We can however show you the new Murat on foot 28mm miniature just to whet your appetite.

 We will be updating the site and the blog the week prior to Salute 2014 so be sure to check back then when all shall be revealed.

Ged has asked me to let everyone know that his superb new book, Spanish Infantry of the Early Pennisular War, written in conjunction with  Dr. S. Summerfield, has now gone to print and is available to order from the 13th April 2014. He will of course be happy to sign copies at Salute should you wish to add this wonderful tome to your military book collection.