Thursday 4 April 2019

New 28mm Vietnam Marines the Battle of Huế 1968

…The L.T. barks his orders as the LAW team rush to clear open ground, to support the Marine squad who are taking cover behind a broken wall, having come under heavy enemy fire. The stress and fear written across the face of the LAW team number two, running at the crouch gripping his helmet to his head, is clear for all to see as they sprint towards the safety afforded by the blasted masonry of the wall…. These minis don’t just look good from a gaming perspective... they tell a story.

Kitted out in historically correct uniforms and equipment these minis are our most exciting range to date. Based on actual photographs of the Battle of Hue they will bring an unparalleled level of realism and intensity to the gaming table and 28mm Vietnam modelers vignettes.

Heavy Support is on its way for our mini heroes in the shape of an M48 Patton tank, Rifle Multiple 106mm Self Propelled Ontos Gun Platform, Ford Mutt and Marine Mule M274 with 105mm Recoiless Rifle.

Available 2nd Quarter 2019 these are the Vietnam War miniatures worth waiting for.