Tuesday 15 February 2011

Gringo 40's New Range of 40mm Mexican-American War Figures is Ready for Release

Ged (now referred to as "el Jefe" here at Gringo 40’s) has been cracking the whip, and had his Comanchero’s burning the midnight oil, to ensure that Gringo 40’s exciting new range of superlative 40mm wargame and collectors miniatures are ready for release, at London’s premier wargaming event of the year; Salute 2011 (Saturday 16th April 2011).

The Infantry figures have now been cast and are being packaged ready for sale, and with the “greens” for the Cavalry and Artillery almost complete, Gringo 40’s are on target to bring the wargaming community the new benchmark in 40mm military miniatures.

Both wargamers and collectors can now recreate this extremely colourful period, in the history of American warfare, using historically accurate and beautifully designed military miniatures.

Over the next few weeks I will be whetting your appetite with images of superbly painted Gringo 40’s wargaming miniatures with brushwork from painting maestros such as Angel Aparicio Albert, Mark Dixon and Richard Lowles.

The first military miniature from Gringo 40s to hit the pages of the official blog is a Mexican soldier of the 11th Permenante (Toluca) Regiment. Painted by the amazing Angel Aparicio Albert it gives you some idea of just what can be achieved with miniatures from Gringo 40’s range of 40mm wargame and model military miniatures