Thursday 24 March 2011

New Mexican American War Castings from Gringo 40's

With everyday El Jefe becomes more excited as more packages of freshly cast Gringo 40’s wargame figures are delivered to La Hacienda Grande. This of course means more work for the Comanchero’s who, with Salute 2011 almost upon us, are having to burn even more midnight oil to prepare for Gringo 40’s official release at the show.

We have just finished the first of the “polished” Mexican Infantry figures for the display. Simply cleaned and oiled; to bring out the features and allow gamers and collectors of fine military miniatures to see the exacting detail and character of the figures, these will be on display at Salute with plenty of their comrades in arms available for purchase on the day.

Here are just a few samples of the models of the Mexican Infantry that will be available.

Until then...

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Monday 7 March 2011

The First 40mm Wargame Figures From Gringo 40’s Are Available To Pre Order Now!

The first 40mm wargame figures from Gringo 40’s are now available to pre order. With an estimated release date of 01/04/2011 gamers and collectors of fine military miniatures will be able to receive their figures prior to the official launch at Salute 2011.

El Jefe, in a moment of what some would call reckless generosity, has decided that all pre orders of over £100.00 will receive a free complimentary figure of his choice and tha all orders over £150.00 will ship for free world wide! This offer cannot last for long so get your pre orders in now to ensure that free figure and free shipping.

While not forgetting all of those who are coming to Salute; el Jefe has also decided to offer a special two figure Salute pack, containing a U.S. soldier and a Mexican Infantryman for just £5.00.

With that in mind I think it is about time to upload another pic for you all to drool over. This Gringo 40’s miniature, a U.S. Infantry Sergeant of the Mexican American War, is painted by paint-flicker extraordinaire, Mark Dixon.

To check out Gringo 40’s full listings of wargame figures and to order your Mexican American War miniatures click Here or go to