Monday 22 October 2018

Gringo40's Blog: Back and Updated!

With the sort of epiphany that can only be found on the road to Damascus or in my case at the bottom of a triple glass of 18 year old single malt the password for the Blog has been remembered. So, after a long leave of absence, starting with today's post I am pleased to say that I will be updating the Blog on a slightly irregular, but more regular basis.

Since my last post (in 201....has it really that long??) here at Gringo 40's we have not only increased our established ranges of miniatures but added many new, unique and exciting periods not normally covered by the more mainstream manufactures. So whether you want to game an Aztec Demon of the Dark Warrior Knight against invading Conquistadors, or as Captain Danjou's forlorn hope of  65 French Foreign Legionaries fighting against more than 3000 Mexican infantry and cavalry we have it covered.

Our latest Tonkin 1885 range will transport you to the hot steaming jungles of French Indochina where stalwart Legionaries, French Naval Marines and Fusiliers take on the dastardly Black Flag Pirates.

My personal favourite are stunning Legionnaire miniatures that allow you to represent the indomitable Captain Danjou leading his men against an insurmountable enemy at the Battle of Camaron in April of 1863. Of the 65 only 3 survived, who when lead before General Milan is recorded as asking, "Is this all of them? Is this all of the men who are left?" Then, in amazement, exclaiming, "These are not men! They are demons!" Such is the stuff of legends and the French Foreign Legion.

As you should hopefully know by now Gringo 40's will be attending Crisis 2018 in Antwerp where you can come along check out our complete range and meet Ged ("El Hefe") and the team for a chat. Of course there will be some exciting offers on the day. We will of course be exhibiting and selling our superb new and exclusive miniatures for the Tonkin 1885 range. While news of these models is still under wraps I am permitted to give you a clue....Think "Apocalypse Now" but with an 1885 twist.

Be sure to check out our website for all these exciting miniatures at 

I will be updating the Blog next week with more exciting news and the full gen on new Tonkin Models. Until then...Viva Muchachos!