Saturday 21 September 2013

28mm Arab Leader Mulai Ahmed er Raisuni: Raisuli

The latest 28mm wargame miniature from Gringo’s is the Riff leader Mulai Ahmed er Raisuni known simply as Raisuli to the English. He was the Sharif (descended from Mohammed) of the Jebela of Morocco and was considered by his people to be the rightful heir to the throne of Morocco.

 Regarded by foreigners and the Moroccan government as a brigand, some Moroccans, especially among the mountain tribes, considered him a hero. Battling a weak and oppressive regime. Described by David S Woolman as a Robin Hood figure combined with the qualities of a Feudal Baron and Bandit. A Saintly Villain who is still regarded as the last of the Barbary Pirates.

Born in 1871 Raisuli became involved in criminal activity stealing sheep and cattle before being arrested by the Pasha of Tangier, his own cousin and foster brother, brutalized and chained to a dungeon wall for four years. Only surviving the ordeal by the charity of his friends who would vast the prison to feed and clean him. Raisuli emerged from prison hardened and ruthless and was soon back to his old activities with renewed vigor.


 Famed for taking hostages he could be both chivalrous and generous to those he had kidnapped. However should he consider the victim unworthy, especially those working for the Pasha, they would suffer death and extreme cruelty. His favored method of punishment was to burn the captive’s eyes out with red hot copper coins. On another occasion he beheaded the Pasha’s Emissary and sent his head back in a basket of melons.

With just a nod to Hollywood and Sean Connery Gringo40’s latest figure shows Raisuli in heroic pose, mounted upon a fine Arab horse, inspiring the Rif into action against the Spanish during the Moroccan Revolt of 1913. Available direct now for just £3.95 from our online web store HERE.