Friday 23 December 2011

New Jalisco Lancer 40mm Wargame Miniature From Gringo 40's

The latest miniature, due for release in the new year, From Gringo 40's is this superb Jalisco Lancer.

Charging at full tilt, with leveled lance, just as they did against the Texas Rangers at Bunea Vista in February 1847.

As this will be the last posting before Christmas 2011/ New Year 2012 we would like to take this opportunity to wish all our customers a very Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year.

Thursday 8 December 2011

New 40mm Mexican Cavalry Figure Out Soon

The new Mexican cavalry release of 40mm wargame figures from Gringo 40's in January 2012 is going to please many gamers and collectors. All the figures are hotly anticipated and offer something quite unique within the wargames industry.

This week’s miniature pic is of one of my personal favorites the Mexican Lancer and I am looking forward to seeing this one painted up soon. Who knows, I might even have a go at this one myself.

Monday 28 November 2011

New 40mm Mexican Mounted RiflesTrooper from Gringo 40s Available Soon!

Heres the latest image of the up and coming 40mm wargame cavalry figure from Gringo 40's. This beautiful study of a Mexican Mounted Rifles trooper on patrol circa 1846 will be availble to order from January 2012.

Thursday 24 November 2011

New Gringo 40's Mexican Hussar Figure for the Mexican-American War

As promised the first pic of the soon to be released Hussar of the Supreme Powers wargame miniature by Gringo 40s.

A superb miniature with lots of detail and a face that will please all dedicated Gringo fans and figure painters alike

Click on the image for a larger picture
Check back tomorrow for another of the up coming Mexican Cavalry from Gringo40's.

Monday 21 November 2011

New 40mm scale Mexican Wargame Cavalry Miniatures from Gringo 40's

These pics have just arrived of one of the new 40mm Mexican cavalry figures which will be available shortly from Gringo 40’s.

Painted by the incredibly talented Angel Aparicio Albert the model is a trooper of the Mexican Tulancingo Cuirassiers.

Gringo 40’s will have a full range of Mexican Cavalry Regiments available soon including the Jalisco Lancers, the Mounted Rifle Regiment and Hussars of the Guard of the Supreme Powers.

Every day this week, from Thursday 24th November, I will be uploading a picture of a bare metal (Blacked) casting of the new 40mm Mexican Cavalry and towards the end of the week a superb U.S. Mountain Gun and crew; a very dramatic piece and one that is sure to be a favorite amongst collectors of this superb range of wargame figures and miniatures.

Wednesday 19 October 2011

New 28mm Mexican Adventure Range of Wargame Miniatures from Gringo 40's

The Fleets of the British, French and Spanish arrived in Veracruz in January 1862 with the intention of forcing Mexico to settle its debts. However it soon became clear to the British and Spanish that France, under Napoleon III, had greater ambitions and withdrew their forces in April of the same year. Supported by the Catholic Church, the Mexican nobility and the more conservative elements within the Mexican community France installed an archduke from the Royal House of Austria, Maximilian Ferdinand as Maximilian I of Mexico.

France’s Mexican adventure would lead to 5 years of protracted conflict in Mexico and would culminate in the execution of Emperor Maximilian himself.

The first release from Gringo 40’s new range of finely sculpted miniatures, by the incredibly talented Ian Mountain, is of Mohammed Almaz,The Egyptian Officer commanding the 'Ottoman Auxiliary Battalion' or Egyptian Battalion.

Made up of what were effectively Sudanese slave soldiers led by Egyptian officers the Egyptian Battalion would prove themselves excellent troops with one French commander whose force included 80 Egyptian troops to say of them "these were not fighting men, these were lions."

Monday 19 September 2011

New: Texas Ranger Miniature from Gringo 40's available now

When Stephen F. Austin employed 10 men to act as rangers to protect the newly settled families in Texas following the Mexican War of Independence in 1823 he could hardly have known that he was creating U.S Military and Law Enforcement history.

Formally constituted in 1835 and led by Major Robert McAlpin Williamson by 1837 the Rangers would consist of more than 300 men. Following the Texas War of Independence and the creation of the Texas Republic the Ranger’s numbers would decrease but they would be called upon to fight the Cherokee and Comanche.

The Rangers would continue in the role of Indian Fighters until the outbreak of the Mexican American War in 1846. Several Companies were mustered into Federal service were they would see action as guides for the regular army and taking on guerrilla actions against the Mexican forces.

The Rangers would earn a formidable reputation of elite status amongst the Mexican and American armies. There ability as scouts probably saved Taylor’s army from disaster at Buena Vista.

Nearly 8000 Texans would serve the U.S. in the war although there length of service varied from 3 to 12 months with Hays 2nd Regiment the last of the Texas command to be mustered out.

The exploits of the Texas Rangers and their famous officers like Samuel Hamilton Walker, of Colt Walker Pistol fame, and Benjamin McCulloch commanding officer of Company A of Col. Hays's 1st Regiment of Texas Mounted Volunteers and Taylor’s chief of scouts; who once famously got to within a mile of Santa Anna’s Tent are well documented and make for entertaining reading. . Never was the title of highly irregular irregulars more apt.

Gringo 40’s magnificent model of a Texas Ranger spurring his horse to action is now available direct from Gringo 40’s secure online shop

Tuesday 30 August 2011

40mm Wargaming: Gringo 40's New York Legion.

During the early mid 1800's the people of the United States were becoming rather excited about the trouble brewing, no tea this time, with the British Government over the border with Canada. Expansionists in the US, specifically the Democrats, claimed under Manifest Destiny that the U.S border with Canada should be 54 degrees and 40 minutes and the cry of “54 40’ or Fight”went up.

Such was the political fervor created; not forgetting the excitement of yet another opportunity to bloody again the nose of the dastardly British; that the Democrat James Knox Polk was elected President and young men formed militias in preparation for war. The 1st New York Legion was just such a group of volunteers.

The Oregon Boundary dispute did not lead to war with the British, Polk agreeing to compromise U.S. expansionist ambition to the 49th Parallel rather than the 54th. But Polk and the U.S. government would employ the Manifest Destiny principle of the expansionists would be used by the Democrats to justify war with Mexico.

Initially designated the 7th Regiment of New York Volunteers the regiment was equipped to fight as a combined force of Infantry, Cavalry and Artillery. When the Regiment went to California to defend the State against the Mexicans it was for a short time called the California volunteers until official re-designation as the 1st New York in 1846.

The Regiment would see action the battles of La Paz and the final skirmish of Todos Santos before being the last U.S. Regiment to leave Mexican Soil.

The Regiment was mostly disbanded in 1848 after the cessation of hostilities with Mexico.

Gringo40’s have a full range of beautiful 40mm wargame figures that can be used to recreate the men of the 1st New York in miniature. Historically correct uniforms and equipment lend period atmosphere to these superb miniatures.

You can check out these miniatures and the rest of the range at our online wargame shop at

Sunday 17 July 2011

Stand Fast, Mississippians: Gringo 40’s Newest Wargame Miniatures

When the call for volunteers was made, by Polks government to fight for the United States against the Mexicans, in 1846 the men of Mississippi volunteered in their thousands. By June 1st it is estimated that 17,000 men and boys were in Vicksburg wanting to enlist. Such was the patriotic fervor that gripped Mississippi that competitions had to be held in counties all over the State to reduce the number of volunteers to the requested State quota of 1000 men.

The result of which was the 1st Mississippi Regiment composed ten companies of 100 men.

Company A - Yazoo Guards
Company B - Wilkinson Guards
Company C - Vicksburg Southrons
Company D - Carroll County Guards
Company E - Jackson Fencibles
Company F - Lafayette Guards
Company G - Raymond Fencibles
Company H - Vicksburg Volunteers
Company I - Holly Springs Guards
Company K - Tombigbee Guards

Before leaving for New Orleans, from whence they would be shipped to Texas and onto war the First Mississippians elected ex West Point Cadet and future President of the Confederate States of America, Congressman Jefferson Davis as their Commanding Officer.

It would be Davis’s insistence, and his rather splendid political connections, that the 1st Mississippi would be issued with the latest style of rifled musket, and the very weapon that the First would become synonymous with becoming known as “The Mississippi Rifles”.

Fighting under Taylor at Buena Vista they would be credited with turning the battle. When in their distinctive red hunting shirts and white duck trousers they moved up to the line, formed ranks, fired and drew their Bowie Knives before closing on the Mexicans.

Gringo 40’s newest release now allows all wargamers and collectors of fine military miniatures to add this illustrious regiment to their collection.

“Steady, boys, steady for the glory of Ole Mississippi!”

To purchase these wargame figures or any of the 40mm miniatures of the Mexican American War from Gringo 40's click 

Thursday 23 June 2011

New 40mm Wagame figure form Gringo 40's. Mexican Light Infantryman

Prior to the Mexican-American War the Mexican Army converted the 3rd Regular Infantry Regiment to  Light Infantry and re-designated it as the 4th Light Infantry.

The result of this was effectively the creation of an elite unit that was to see action in some of the worst of the fighting during the Mexican American War.

Well disciplined the 4th were to become one of the most highly trained Regiments of the Mexican Army. The soldiers of the 4th could be deployed effectively as troops of the line or working ahead of the main force in the traditional Light Infantry role of skirmishers.

Such was the elite status of the Regiment that General Santa Anna would himself design their uniform.

Being an elite Regiment ensured that they were deployed at nearly every major engagement of the war. Their finest moment would come at the battle of Churubusco; when alongside the men of the 1st and 3rd Light Infantry, the 11th (Toluca) Premanente Regiment and the Irishmen of the Batallón de San Patricio, under the capable General Brigadier Francisco Perez, their stubborn defense of the Tete du Pont adjacent to the Convent building inflicted severe losses upon the attacking American forces.

Gringo 40’s miniature wargame figure captures a man of the 4th, in typical dynamic skirmisher fashion. running at the crouch seeking cover from where to inflict lead and death upon the enemy.

To view our complete range of 40mm Mexican American wargame figures got our secure online shop at

Saturday 4 June 2011

Manuel Dominguez &The Mexican Spy Company. New 40mm Military Miniatures from Gringo 40's.

Manuel Dominguez was a noted, some would say infamous, highwayman and bandit leader who made his living on the roads between Vera Cruz and Mexico City in the 1840’s. Dominguez demonstrated a style and dash more associated with earlier European highwaymen than the road agents of the American West. Having had the pleasure of being robbed by Dominguez he would issue his victims with his calling card which was to be used somewhat like a passport should the unfortunate traveler be yet again held up by bandits.

Dominguez considered the outbreak of war between Mexico and the United States in 1846 as an opportunity to improve business. Not only would the Mexican Army have more important things to attend to than a lowly highwayman but the American invaders would provide rich pickings for him and his men. In fact, during the early part of the war in Mexico, Dominguez and his muchachos robbed American troops on a number of occasions.

Unfortunately for Dominguez he had underestimated the ability and resources of the Mexican Army and along with some of his compatriots found himself captured by an Army Patrol. So it was when the United States army marched into Puebla on May 15, 1847, Dominguez was enjoying free room and board in the towns jail.

Luckily for Dominguez Col. Ethan Allen Hitchcock; future ACW Union General and grandson of the commander of the famous Green Mountain Boys was General Scotts chief of intelligence. Displaying a resourcefulness that would have made his grand-daddy proud Hitchcock offered to release Dominguez and a number of his associates with the proviso that they work for the United States Army as irregular scouts. Dominguez, ever the opportunist, readily agreed and was released in June of 1847.

Dominguez was as good as his word and before long had enlisted the majority of his old gang into the service of the United States and with that the Mexican Spy Company was formed.

Wearing a  splendid uniform of a green dragoon’s jacket with scarlet cuffs and collar, large back felt hat complete with a scarlet red scarf, which according to legend was boldly emblazoned with the words “Spy Company” in white lettering, and carrying lances they served as guides, scouts and dispatch riders. On occasion dressing as ranchers, beggars and such to carry out their spying activities the Spy Company also proved most useful in Guerrilla and anti-guerrilla operations. The Spy Company distinguished themselves as both reliable and loyal troops of the United States army, although they were never formally recognized as such, they did however receive much praise from their foreign masters.

So effective was Dominguez and the men of the Spy Company that General Santa Anna offered them a full pardon for all previous crimes, a large bribe and the rank of Colonel for Dominguez should they switch sides. Dominguez refused.

It is estimated that the Spy Company may have numbered as many as two thousand, before being disbanded in June of 1848 at Vera Cruz. Dominguez ,along with nearly half of his men thought it safer to return to the United States rather than remain in Mexico were they were considered by many to be no better than traitors.

The new Vignette from Gringo 40’s contains a mounted trooper awaiting orders from his commanding officer who is on foot viewing some enemy activity through his spyglass.
The Spy Company vignette set of model soldiers is available from our online shop at

Sunday 15 May 2011

New 40mm Model Figures, Flags and Dispatches From Gringo 40's

Here at Gringo 40’s we have been regrouping, following the tremendous success of Salute 2011, for our next onslaught on this years wargame conventions and shows at Broadside 2011.

As ever el Jefe has not allowed us to much R+R and this week sees the release of a superbly animated figure of a Mexican Light Infantryman running Hell bent for leather. Whither he is running to or from the enemy will be down to the modeler but what is for sure there will be no holding this soldier back.

This month also sees the release of a specially commissioned range of flags, from Richard Lowles at Battle Flag, that are scaled specifically for Gringo 40’s model soldiers. Beautifully designed and rendered, in stunning archival quality papers and inks, these flags will enhance any collection of Gringo 40’s miniatures. The National and Regimental flags and colors of the Mexican, U.S. Regular and Volunteer Infantry are ready now with Cavalry and Artillery to follow shortly.

The first of Gringo 40’s free downloadable historical notes are now ready and can be found at the Dispatches section of the Gringo 40’s online shop. These heavily illustrated documents give detail of the men, uniforms and equipment of both the Mexican and U.S forces. Featuring the succinctly eloquent penmanship of Snr. Ron Vaughn and the incredible line drawings of Snr. Phil Beveridge these are a great introduction to the period.

Tuesday 19 April 2011

Gringo 40's Secure Online Shop is Open for Business!

Firstly a huge thank you to all those customers who attended the stand at Salute last Saturday and made el Jefe's day an excellent one.

Secondly, drum roll please, you can now purchase Gringo 40'Ss superb 40mm wargame figures direct at our secure online shop,   

Thirdly in celebration of the official Gringo 40's launch el Jefe has decided to offer free postage on all UK orders over £80.00,  again on all European orders over £120.00 and yet again on all U.S. and rest of the world orders over £160.00.

And as a little appitizer to give you some idea just what you can do with Gringo40's minis here is another sample of Angel's work.

Tuesday 5 April 2011

New 40mm American Infantry wargame Figures for the Mexican American War.

Hoist the flag and let her fly, Yankee Doodle do or die.
Oh yes mi amigos the Yanks are coming to the all new 40mm Gringo 40s range of wargame and collectors figures.

So here, just to whet the appetite for a little longer, are some of the U.S. infantry model figures that will be available in the next few days from Gringo 40’s.

Thursday 24 March 2011

New Mexican American War Castings from Gringo 40's

With everyday El Jefe becomes more excited as more packages of freshly cast Gringo 40’s wargame figures are delivered to La Hacienda Grande. This of course means more work for the Comanchero’s who, with Salute 2011 almost upon us, are having to burn even more midnight oil to prepare for Gringo 40’s official release at the show.

We have just finished the first of the “polished” Mexican Infantry figures for the display. Simply cleaned and oiled; to bring out the features and allow gamers and collectors of fine military miniatures to see the exacting detail and character of the figures, these will be on display at Salute with plenty of their comrades in arms available for purchase on the day.

Here are just a few samples of the models of the Mexican Infantry that will be available.

Until then...

Disfrutar mi Amigo’s! 




Monday 7 March 2011

The First 40mm Wargame Figures From Gringo 40’s Are Available To Pre Order Now!

The first 40mm wargame figures from Gringo 40’s are now available to pre order. With an estimated release date of 01/04/2011 gamers and collectors of fine military miniatures will be able to receive their figures prior to the official launch at Salute 2011.

El Jefe, in a moment of what some would call reckless generosity, has decided that all pre orders of over £100.00 will receive a free complimentary figure of his choice and tha all orders over £150.00 will ship for free world wide! This offer cannot last for long so get your pre orders in now to ensure that free figure and free shipping.

While not forgetting all of those who are coming to Salute; el Jefe has also decided to offer a special two figure Salute pack, containing a U.S. soldier and a Mexican Infantryman for just £5.00.

With that in mind I think it is about time to upload another pic for you all to drool over. This Gringo 40’s miniature, a U.S. Infantry Sergeant of the Mexican American War, is painted by paint-flicker extraordinaire, Mark Dixon.

To check out Gringo 40’s full listings of wargame figures and to order your Mexican American War miniatures click Here or go to

Tuesday 15 February 2011

Gringo 40's New Range of 40mm Mexican-American War Figures is Ready for Release

Ged (now referred to as "el Jefe" here at Gringo 40’s) has been cracking the whip, and had his Comanchero’s burning the midnight oil, to ensure that Gringo 40’s exciting new range of superlative 40mm wargame and collectors miniatures are ready for release, at London’s premier wargaming event of the year; Salute 2011 (Saturday 16th April 2011).

The Infantry figures have now been cast and are being packaged ready for sale, and with the “greens” for the Cavalry and Artillery almost complete, Gringo 40’s are on target to bring the wargaming community the new benchmark in 40mm military miniatures.

Both wargamers and collectors can now recreate this extremely colourful period, in the history of American warfare, using historically accurate and beautifully designed military miniatures.

Over the next few weeks I will be whetting your appetite with images of superbly painted Gringo 40’s wargaming miniatures with brushwork from painting maestros such as Angel Aparicio Albert, Mark Dixon and Richard Lowles.

The first military miniature from Gringo 40s to hit the pages of the official blog is a Mexican soldier of the 11th Permenante (Toluca) Regiment. Painted by the amazing Angel Aparicio Albert it gives you some idea of just what can be achieved with miniatures from Gringo 40’s range of 40mm wargame and model military miniatures