Thursday 1 October 2015

28mm Wargame Miniatures October Releases from Gringo 40s

October 2015 sees the release of 25 all new miniatures, including the superb “La Hitte” cannon and crew for our 28mm Neapolitan range. We will be attending the World Wargame Championships in Derby Saturday 3rd October and Sunday 4th. Where not only can you meet the team but you can also check out all our latest miniatures along with our existing ranges.

The Neapolitans are expanded with Infantry in Barrack caps, mounted Dragoons and, as already mentioned, a stunning model of the La Hitte system 6lb canon and Neapolitan Horse Artillery crew.

 We have also added some allies to bolster the ranks of Garibaldi in the form of 4 Picciotti. Sicilian Bandits who aided Garibaldi in the liberation of Sicily. The range now includes a painting guide in the form of a full colour A4 size laminated plate detailing the uniforms of the protagonists of The Garibaldi Wars.

Our 28mm Napoleonic range is expanded with two mounted Lithuanian Tartars of the Guard and to the Personalities range Jean Jacques a suitable companion for Claudette.

Monday 1 June 2015

Huge new release of 28mm Wargame Miniatures from Gringo 40s

Salute 2015 saw the largest single release of 28mm wargame figures in the history of Gringos.

With more than 50 brand new and exclusive miniatures added to our current range of high quality wargame figures. Not only did we add some superb miniatures to our existing Napoleonic Mameluke and Gendarme d' Elites but we began a whole new and exciting period. The Italian Wars of Independence.

The Italian Wars of Independence range called Garibaldi's War of 1860 saw no less than 32 Neapolitan's and 28 of Garibaldi,s red shirted volunteers. The range includes Garibaldi and Bixio mounted on horseback and assorted infantry in exciting poses with loads more to follow.

The spectacular Mamelukes saw mounted bandsmen and a trumpeter in dramatic pose to help lead these fearsome warriors from Napoleons army into battle.

The detail and poses are up to the the usual superlative standard that you have come to expect from Gringo's and with loads more to come we hope that you are as excited by the figures and range as we are.