Monday, 21 November 2011

New 40mm scale Mexican Wargame Cavalry Miniatures from Gringo 40's

These pics have just arrived of one of the new 40mm Mexican cavalry figures which will be available shortly from Gringo 40’s.

Painted by the incredibly talented Angel Aparicio Albert the model is a trooper of the Mexican Tulancingo Cuirassiers.

Gringo 40’s will have a full range of Mexican Cavalry Regiments available soon including the Jalisco Lancers, the Mounted Rifle Regiment and Hussars of the Guard of the Supreme Powers.

Every day this week, from Thursday 24th November, I will be uploading a picture of a bare metal (Blacked) casting of the new 40mm Mexican Cavalry and towards the end of the week a superb U.S. Mountain Gun and crew; a very dramatic piece and one that is sure to be a favorite amongst collectors of this superb range of wargame figures and miniatures.

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