Wednesday, 19 October 2011

New 28mm Mexican Adventure Range of Wargame Miniatures from Gringo 40's

The Fleets of the British, French and Spanish arrived in Veracruz in January 1862 with the intention of forcing Mexico to settle its debts. However it soon became clear to the British and Spanish that France, under Napoleon III, had greater ambitions and withdrew their forces in April of the same year. Supported by the Catholic Church, the Mexican nobility and the more conservative elements within the Mexican community France installed an archduke from the Royal House of Austria, Maximilian Ferdinand as Maximilian I of Mexico.

France’s Mexican adventure would lead to 5 years of protracted conflict in Mexico and would culminate in the execution of Emperor Maximilian himself.

The first release from Gringo 40’s new range of finely sculpted miniatures, by the incredibly talented Ian Mountain, is of Mohammed Almaz,The Egyptian Officer commanding the 'Ottoman Auxiliary Battalion' or Egyptian Battalion.

Made up of what were effectively Sudanese slave soldiers led by Egyptian officers the Egyptian Battalion would prove themselves excellent troops with one French commander whose force included 80 Egyptian troops to say of them "these were not fighting men, these were lions."


  1. Hi, Ged,

    Sorry it's taken me so long to get around to FOLLOWING your blog. Real life has been very busy and on the hobby front I've been distracted from "Camerone" by a big event coming at the end of this month/start of November, when I am packing up my "Maiwand Day" terrain and troops and driving 1900 miles (about 3000 kilometers) to an "All Colonial" convention in New Orleans. I've been busy getting everything ready, but first thing on my "to-do" list when I get back will be to send you my info on Camerone Legionnaires. Hope it won't be too late to still be of some use.

    Congrats on officially premiering your new range, which I (and no doubt many others!) hope will grow by leaps and bounds -- most importantly in the LEGIONNAIRES AT CAMERONE area, in time for the fast-approaching 150th anniversary of the legendary battle! If the early response on TMP is any indication, there is a lot of enthusiasm for this range out there!

  2. Now he is a tasty dude- what else could I use him for ......

  3. Realy looking forward to this range was wondering were one might find some colour pics of the the uniforms for reference been looking on the internet find stuff on the other units that fought in this campaign but not the Egyptian troops

  4. Does anyone have a reference for his uniform? Wondering how it should be painted...

  5. This is the Bimbashi (Major) in Gala Dress. The uniform was Red, including boots, belt and fez (tassle on the fez was silver grey); the sash was white with a gold stripe (diagonal and repeated), gloves were white and all brocade epaulettes etc was gold, pistol holster: black.
    Should have a pic of a finished miniature from Ged in the near future.

  6. I nearly forgot: Sword scabbard black with gold finals, the sword grip/handle was white and guard, etching and knot were gold

  7. Very Yummy! Must Resist! (for now...)

  8. Thanks Trevellion! I look forward to the photo!

    I just received mine today!