Monday, 7 January 2019

Spahi Cavalry Spotted. 1885 Tonkin 28mm Range.

El Hefe hopes that you all had a wonderful Christmas and a most splendid New Years.

He has asked that I whet your appetites with pictures of the "Greens" of the very first releases due in 2019 currently being cast in our high quality white metal. 

The French from our Tonkin 1885 range are about to receive Cavalry support in their campaign against the dastardly Black Flag Army in the shape of some very well detailed and animated Spahi's (French Auxiliary Light Cavalry). 

Useable as Algerian or Senegal troops these cavalrymen are synonymous with French Colonial warfare. They can be used not only for the Tonkin (Sino French War) period but also for those of you gaming the French Conquest of Algeria, The Franco Prussian War, or in games recreating the occupation of Syria and Morocco. 

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