Sunday, 7 July 2013

28mm Conquistadors from Gringo 40's

Conquistadors (From the Spanish Conquistadores meaning Conquerors) were professional soldiers, explorers and adventurers who served the Spanish Empire of Castile.

While Spanish law prohibited non Spanish and non-Catholics from settling the New World many Conquistadors were in fact foreign nationals who to circumvent the Castilian law would Hispanicise their name and convert to Catholicism. Many famous conquistadores were in fact German, Dutch, Croatian, Austrian, Greek and Portuguese.

Administration tended to be left to Roman Catholic Priests who would also educate the men, many of whom were from extremely poor backgrounds, and were therefore illiterate when they joined the Military. The Roman Catholic Religious Orders associated with the Conquistadors and their pacification of the Americas were the Dominicans, Carmelites, Franciscans and the Jesuits.

Gringos is proud to have added these fearsome warriors of Spain to their expanding arsenal of fine 28mm wargame miniatures. These and figures from our other ranges can be viewed and purchased at

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