Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Gringo 40's attending Crisis 2012 in Antwerp!

El Jefe y su mujer will be attending Crisis this weekend in Antwerp at HANGAR 29, Rijnkaai 150
2000 Antwerpen

They will be bringing all the very latest models in both 28mm & 40mm for all our European cousins to check out and purchase.

Colonel Dupin

 On display at the Gringo 40’s stand will be superbly painted minis by Onaria , Mark Dixon & Andrew Taylor.

Gringo 40's VIGINTIUNUS mini  The Zombie Hunter

Gringo 40’s is also launching our all new 28mm Science Fantasy & Fiction range, VIGINTIUNUS,  with the first mini The Zombie Hunter available to purchase.

 Hasta HANGAR 29 Mi Muchacos!


  1. Colonel Dupin is really great!

  2. Thanks Phil, glad to hear that you like the work.

    Cheers, Richie