Sunday, 8 April 2012

New Mountain Howitzer and Crew from Gringo40's

Gringo 40’s new U.S. Mountain Howitzer faithfully represents the 12 pounder model introduced in 1836 by Secretary of War Lewis Cass, based on French design, as part of the program of improvement implemented a year earlier by the Army Ordnance Department.

The howitzer while small and maneuverable, with its shorter lighter barrel and a carriage that weighed with an all up weight of only 590 lbs compared with 2930 lbs of the full canon, was still able to throw a 12 pound shot or spherical case shot (shrapnel) a distance of some 900 yards.

The case shot proved deadly against the Mexican forces and this small field piece added much effectiveness to the U.S Artillery.

The mountain howitzer could be drawn with only one horse or broken down carried on the backs of mules. This enabled it to be dragged around terrain that would have proved impossible for the larger standard field pieces. Such was the compactness of this little gun that on one occasion Ulysses S. Grant had one hauled to the top of a church tower.

Gringo 40’s mountain gun is served by three crew in the process of firing the gun.; officer, armed raise giving the command to fire, master gunner giving fire and the server kneeling in the ready position .

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