Thursday, 23 June 2011

New 40mm Wagame figure form Gringo 40's. Mexican Light Infantryman

Prior to the Mexican-American War the Mexican Army converted the 3rd Regular Infantry Regiment to  Light Infantry and re-designated it as the 4th Light Infantry.

The result of this was effectively the creation of an elite unit that was to see action in some of the worst of the fighting during the Mexican American War.

Well disciplined the 4th were to become one of the most highly trained Regiments of the Mexican Army. The soldiers of the 4th could be deployed effectively as troops of the line or working ahead of the main force in the traditional Light Infantry role of skirmishers.

Such was the elite status of the Regiment that General Santa Anna would himself design their uniform.

Being an elite Regiment ensured that they were deployed at nearly every major engagement of the war. Their finest moment would come at the battle of Churubusco; when alongside the men of the 1st and 3rd Light Infantry, the 11th (Toluca) Premanente Regiment and the Irishmen of the Batallón de San Patricio, under the capable General Brigadier Francisco Perez, their stubborn defense of the Tete du Pont adjacent to the Convent building inflicted severe losses upon the attacking American forces.

Gringo 40’s miniature wargame figure captures a man of the 4th, in typical dynamic skirmisher fashion. running at the crouch seeking cover from where to inflict lead and death upon the enemy.

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